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Finding Fearlessness, Support and Empowerment

Let’s Rewrite Your Story: Heal the Root Cause of Disease, and Cultivate a Life You Love.

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Hi! I'm Carey...

I am a nurse, Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Cancer Coach. Through my You Heal You- Body Mind and Spirit On-line Coaching Program, I help guide and support individuals with a cancer diagnosis or those in remission to become empowered active participants in their journey, so that they can set themselves up for success and begin healing without the powerlessness of relying solely on conventional medicine. 


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You Heal You- Body Mind and Spirit Group Coaching Program

This is a 5-month group coaching program for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or are in remission looking to prevent a reoccurrence.

This program is designed to help you to discover your personal root causes for dis-ease, so you can eliminate them; eradicate fear and anxiety and empower you through education and reliable support so that you can confidently design and direct your own authentic life and heal, body, mind and spirit; because doctors don't heal you... You Heal You.

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Who I help...

Grow Through, What You Go Through

We coach people who have been diagnosed with cancer or other life limiting diagnoses to transform their health, heal from dis-ease and create a life they love living.

When I was sick, I felt fear... wondering what my future would look like. I felt alone... having to advocate for myself. I felt frustrated... by my doctor's limitations, not having answers, and pressure to follow orders that didn't feel in line with my goals. I was overwhelmed with emotion, stress, research that needed to be done and anger at my body for betraying me. That was my story, but it does not need to be yours. 

Change My Story

   Is this you?

  • Feeling alone- You're the only one who is advocating for what you need
  • Feeling overwhelmed- with impending decisions, required learning, emotions your struggling to handle
  • Feeling fear- Am I making the right decision? I don't fully support my doctors plan, what do I do now? Am I going to die?Feeling angry- that your body betrayed you?
  • Feeling unsure- Is this really what my body needs? "I am so tired of guessing".
  •  Feeling disempowered- Why did this happen to me?
  • Dealing with side effects related to the cancer or cancer treatment?

Then You’re In Luck!

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"What your mind says YES to, your body says YES to"-Marisa Peer

Joining the You Heal You- Body, Mind and Spirit Group Coaching program is the answer.

  • Inside the program you gain access to a variety of invaluable support systems from experts and therapeutic practitioners to likeminded new friends on their own cancer journey.
  • No more feeling overwhelmed, navigating rabbit hole after rabbit hole, in this 20-week self-paced program, all you need to know is in one place.
  • Fear is simply a messenger, and in this program, we not only teach you how to reframe the cancer journey, we also teach you how to listen to the body's methods of communication: what the true underlying message is and why, as well as how to quiet that voice when it is not serving you.
  • No more guess work, no more throwing away money taking supplements and treatments in hopes that they make a difference. The You Heal You program guides each individual on how to connect and communicate with the body, mind and spirit to know with certainty exactly what the body wants and needs to facilitate healing.
  • Cancer is a wakeup call, not a death sentence; and healing does not have to be complicated. Stop "fighting" and "battling" against your body. Stop trying to "Survive", instead take back your power, explore and release the root cause reasons for dis-ease and embrace the innate and natural ability to heal.
  • Utilizing conventional cancer treatment methods comes with a host of serious implications. Learn how to improve the experience of treatment while minimizing and limiting the negative impact on the body.

 The You Heal You- Body, Mind and Spirit program is a 20-week self-paced online training and cancer support program, where from day one the participant begins learning how to re-develop a deep connection with their whole being, through communication and understanding the ways in which the body speaks and how to give it what in needs... so there is no more guess work.

Each participant will explore their root causes for dis-ease and discover their own personalized path to healing. 

This comprehensive program contains:

  • Access to over 100 hours of insightful on-line curriculum that you won't hear at your doctors. 
  • Each week there are multiple live group coaching and support sessions; providing opportunity to learn from experts in an empowering and enriching environment, as well as the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with others on a similar journey all from the comfort of your own home.  
  • Additionally, in effort to support healing at the deepest level, each program participant will benefit from the unique and deeply therapeutic and insightful support of our amazing Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioners, that each specialize in helping uncover the root causes for cancer and any limited programing contributing to dis-ease.  

We in the You Heal You-Body, Mind and Spirit program are here to function as a guide, coach and resource on but not limited to: nutrition, exercise, improving sleep, managing symptoms, growing intimate relationships, stress management as well as communicating with your doctor and or concerned loved ones. We will funnel our breadth of knowledge to you, so that you too will be empowered with information and can choose to expand your learning based on interest, instead of fear. We will support you with recommendations and information regarding tools, resources, books, healing modalities and access to professional supplements in order to discover a truly personalized path to healing.

We are happy to support each individual on whatever journey they have chosen, whether it be one of holistic healing, a mix of conventional and natural therapies; or if you have made the choice not to seek curative care and simply want to live your best possible life. 


My Mind Says YES!

Failed by the constraints of western medicine, I was driven to natural healing. Working as a hospice nurse, I further discovered the limitations of our sick care system... “If it's not taught in nursing school, you can't teach it to a patient”. 

We are deserving of a higher standard of care.

My Story

Discover how to transform your mindset to change your relationship with dis-ease. Experience supportive personalized coaching designed to empower lasting change, health and a life you love living.



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